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Sharp edges


Multitools - Medium

Tough and reliable multiools.

Gerber knives and tools are unashamedly tough, for example their MK II Combat Knife became the most sought after knife of the Viet Nam conflict

"Gerber. Fend For Yourself."

Then there is Leatherman! The Leatherman range of multiools is impressive and they have come a long way from the original PST (Personal Survival Tool), now you can almost have an entire tool box in your pocket (or on your belt).

There are now full-size, mini and even key-chain tools, knives and a range of accessories.

Leatherman: "Now you're ready".

On the topic of quotable quotes my 8 year old daughter came up with an absolute beaut. We were on holiday at Mabula when out of the blue she stated "Men can't multitask but they can multitool". Kind of says it all, doesn't it?

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